Travel to India from countries in the West, involves knowing what to expect and what to be prepared for.


India has from time immemorial been seen by people in the West as a mystic country with customs which are seen as exotic to strange, and places of tourist interest which go back hundreds of years in time and tell myriad stories of different cultures and dynasties.


In modern times, however, the Healthcare industry in India has gained a lot of worldwide acclaim in terms of the quality of healthcare and cost-effectiveness, specially in some areas which involve treatment seen as high-cost but low-risk in the West. This has led to increasing cases of people travelling from the West to India for such treatment and low-risk surgery.

People travelling to India for special medical treatment can avail of a Medical Visa introduced by the govt. of India for this purpose. Medical Visa is issued for upto one year or the period of medical treatment whichever is less. Visa can be granted to an attendant (accompanying the patient) who is a blood relation to the patient and is co-terminus with the Medical Visa.


India is well-connected with the rest of the world through all major international airlines like Lufthansa, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Air France, etc., and all of them have flights from different cities connecting to Bangalore. India also has a whole host of private airlines which provide connectivity between cities in India. So people travelling to a particular city for treatment, e.g., Bangalore, could easily take a flight to another city which is close to places of tourist interest.


Many international hotel brands, too, are present in cities like Bangalore, e.g., Hilton, Marriott’s, Ritz Carlton, Howard Johnson.