• A number of wellness centres and spas are cropping up all across India, from Dharamsala to Mysore, to accommodate the growing demand for holistic health-based travel.


  • Bangalore is one among the many places in India, which is a hub for holistic health-based travel, owing to several factors which include, the wide variety of cuisines ranging from authentic Indian food to Chinese, Japanese, Mexican etc.


  • The city also has to offer luxurious stay, as it is home to a number of international hotel chains like J W Marriott, Four seasons, Hilton etc.


  • The city is very diverse in terms of culture and language. One can easily get translators who can translate the local language/English to a language of their choice.
  • The city has the most pleasant weather all year round thus making the visit enjoyable and memorable for the travellers.


  • Transport is also very convenient owing to the widespread use of Uber all across India, which is also available internationally thus making it very simple and easy for the travellers.


  • There are a number of tourist places that one can visit when in Bangalore, which includes Hampi, Belur, Halebeed etc. Hampi has also been listed as a must visit spot by the IAS (Indian architecture service).